Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Provo Fashion Week Holiday Party Shoot

The other day we had the chance to dress up some gorgeous girls in party dresses and get some perfect photos. We had some pretty little treats from Macaron by Brian, Sweet Tooth Fairy, and a cake by my sweet sister, Elise. Our flower arrangement by Rachel Osguthorpe was amazing. Everything so was sparkly and festive! I'd love to own every single one of these party dresses from Natalie Wynn Design, Bree Lena, and Lauren Mellor, and eat these goodies myself...

Thanks to Nikki Hepworth, Tara Brooke, Ariel Hamilton, Lauren Cooper, Paige Arminta, and Brandi Buckley for making our dresses look great...are these girls not just beautiful!?

Emmy Lowe will not only crack you up, she'll get you some amazing photos! And her studio is lovely.

Check them out...

If you are interested in having one of these festive little numbers for your holiday party, check out the designers' websites! 

These two pieces are listed on my Etsy shop!

Happy Holidays!