Saturday, August 15, 2015

La Caille Bridal Shoot

I'm so excited about these photos! This entire shoot was so dreamy and every person involved was amazing. La Caille is the loveliest place to shoot, complete with bunnies and peacocks roaming the grounds. They told us we could hold the bunnies if we wanted to, but they were impossible to catch...and we seriously tried, whether or not we were wearing a wedding dress...

Flowers: Amber Reverie
Makeup: Devan Ampuero
Hair: Leanna
Gowns: Janay Marie
Location: La Caille
Models: Elexis, Cecilia, Rebecca, Josie, Josilyn, Elise 

La Caille really is what fairytale wedding dreams are made of.

Devan is really an artist when it comes to makeup. These girls were all stunning to begin with, but the makeup was just the cherry on top.

Weeping willows get me every time...

Can we just talk about all of the flowers?! Amber did such an amazing job pairing hairpieces and bouquets with each dress. The flowers looked (and smelled) incredible!

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