Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Provo Fashion Week - Spring 2015!

I'm so late on posting photos from this past PFW! I've been busy doing lots of dresses for the most beautiful brides! A huge thank you to my beautiful models, and the amazing hair and makeup team! My favorite makeup artist Cherisa (she may be my sister, but I'm really not biased), and the amazing Kelsie and Megan made these girls glow, while my amazing and talented friend Meghan did the hair for these gorgeous girls.

Photo: Ryan Houston
Model: Natalie Hamilton

Model: Alexis McKinnon

Photo: Jesca Cluff
Model: Elise Curtis (also my sister...she's the now we hate because she's, well, a model)

Model: Lindsay Nausin

Photo: Ryan Houston
Model: Kenzie Blackburn

Model: Rebecca Johnson

Model: Stevie Dutson

Model: Stevie

Photo: Jesca Cluff
Model: Kaity Pearl

Photo: Ryan Houston
Model: Brittany Hill

Photo: Alice Zeus Cannon (in the hands of Kaity or Stevie)
Model: Alice Cannon (yes, she's multi talented)

Photo: Jesca Cluff
Model: Tayler Stokes- story here...
Tayler was my absolutely AMAZING assistant. We had a model who was sick the day of the show, so gorgeous Tayler did a little more than she'd signed up for and strutted the runway at PFW. She's fantastic. She also has a great blog...check it out :)

My iPhone :)
Model: Elise Curtis

Photos: Jesca Cluff
Model: Karah Jeppeson

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